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Hey! So Glad You're Here. We love inquisitive minds!

This page will allow you to read about the various projects that the HFSG have undertaken so far.  These initial descriptions are all separate PDF documents opening in a separate window for your use*.  More detailed descriptions and algorithm background material are available following agreement for use.  They will include:

                    Heart Force Interval Identification (where it all started)


         While actually a "Project" following the initial Heart Force Interval Identification; the concept of

Force Equivalency or Fe is the second most important aspect for the Group to work with.  This paper describes the concept and thinking behind Force Equivalency.            With the concept of Force Equivalency established, the second task of "Transference" is being worked on.  Transference is the math behind it; if you have a force of LBS (or newtons) what is the mathematical relationship in Gs.  This part of the project will answer the question, is it linear, logarithmic or some other relationship.  Lots of experimentation is involved.

                    Projects: (overview        )  

                            Dystolic Disfunction  

                            Ejection Fraction 

                            Timing and relationships (coming soon)

                            Single event detection

Single Page of Contact Information in a PDF Format.

*Note all the material remains the exclusive property of the HFSG.  Contact us for permission to use it.

Volunteer compensation:

Please keep in mind that all members of the HFSG are volunteers.  They work on the projects in their spare time.  There is no compensation of any kind other than their satisfaction with this adventurous new science.

BUT - That being said:

There is only one other form of compensation.  Because the study of Heart Force by the HFSG members is totally novel and new, virtually every thing done results in a patent.  All volunteers within HFSG become the sole owners of patent-able material, occasionally shared with team members agreed to within the HFSG.  So if you want to become an "inventor" or a member of the team; OR more importantly you would like to have the rights to any of the material produced, including system design, please contact us.

Single Page of Contact information in a PDF Format

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